Transformers News: TakaraTomy Transformers Siege Official Toy Images Released

TakaraTomy just released their official images and listing of their version of Hasbro's Transformers War for Cybertron: Siege line which is labeled as Transformers Siege in Japan, with a brand code SG.

Super Robot News: Super Mini-Pla Change!! Getter Robo Set (Vol. 3) Official Images

If you ever wondering why Getter Liger and Getter Poseidon were not included alongside Getter Dragon, wonder no more as Bandai will be releasing them in the 3rd Super Mini-Pla Getter set.

Super Robot News: FIRST LOOK: First Official Image of High Grade 1/300 Scale Gosaurer Model Kit Revealed

Its official: Bandai released the first official image of the upcoming Gosaurer model kit as part of the series' 25th anniversary and it will be released under the High Grade [HG] line banner. Here's what we know about the upcoming model kit.

Evangelion News: METAL BUILD Evangelion Unit 01 Official Images

With the announcement of the 4th and final Rebuild of Evangelion film which is currently in the works will be shown in 2020, Bandai released the official images of their Evangelion Unit 01 figure that will be released in their METAL BUILD line.

Super Robot News: Super Mini-Pla Change!! Getter Robo Set (Vol. 2) Official Images

Premium Bandai released the official images of a new set of Super Mini-Pla Getter Robots, a follow-up from the previous set and it will be released as Bandai Candy Toy Online Shop exclusive kit.

Super Robot News: METAMOR-FORCE 'BARI'ATION Sol Gravion Image Teaser Revealed

Following the release of Sentinel's God Gravion in their METAMOR-FORCE 'BARI'ATION line, the company released a teaser image of Sol Gravion: an upgrade form of God Gravion that appeared in the sequel, Gravion Zwei as their next figure to produce.

Super Sentai News: Soul of Chogokin King Brachion Official Images

Hang-on to your wallets Zyuranger and Power Ranger fans, as Bandai formally released the official images of King Brachion; known internationally as Titanus that will be released in the Soul of Chogokin line, designated as GX-85 in the line.

Super Robot News: Soul of Chogokin F.A. Daitarn 3 And Daimos Official Images

Bandai finally released the official images of the Soul of Chogokin F.A. (Full Action) versions of Daitarn 3 and Daimos, following the release of SOC FA Voltes V; designated as GX-82 and GX-83 respectively.


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