Jollibee Did A Super Sentai Parody In Their Latest Commercial

Jollibee's commercials are hilarious when it comes promoting their food to the audiences, their latest commercial which the Philippine fastfood giant did was a Super Sentai parody which I find it entertaining.

Transformers News: BREAKING: Transformers Power Of The Primes Optimus Prime And Dinobots Official Images

The cat-- I mean, the Dino's are out of the bag. Fresh from the first HasCon 2017 are the official images of Transformers Power of the Primes Optimus Prime and Dinobots.

Transformers News: Transformers Masterpiece Hot Rodimus (Targetmaster Ver.) Official Images

Again many thanks to TFW2005, we now have official images of Transformers Masterpiece Hot Rodimus (aka Hot Rod), which now comes with a Targetmaster weapon.

Transformers News: Transformers Legends Clonebots, Blitzwing, & Overlord Official Images

Thanks to TFW2005, we now have official images of the upcoming Transformers Legends Clonebot set, Blitzwing and Overlord that will be released next year.

BREAKING: Macross Creator Shoji Kawamori Is Coming To AsiaPOP Comicon Manila 2017

Image courtesy of Forbes

Yes you've read it right. Macross creator, mecha designer, and director Shoji Kawamori is indeed coming to Manila as a guest at this year's AsiaPOP Comic Convention or APCC Manila for short.

Gundam News: Master Grade Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Exclusive Kits Gets Reissued

Aside from the release of Gundam Sandrock Kai (EW Ver.), the previously released Master Grade Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Gunpla Bandai Hobby Online Shop exclusive kits gets reissued once again for a limited time.

Gundam News: Master Grade Gundam Sandrock Kai (EW Ver.) Official Images

Bandai rolls out Gundam Sandrock Kai (Endless Waltz ver.), the last Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Gunpla kit that will be released in the Master Grade line as a Bandai Hobby Online Shop exclusive release.

Super Robot News: LEGO Voltron Classic Officially Coming

Last year, Leandro Tayag, aka len_d69 created a 16-inch articulated Classic Voltron toy made out of LEGO which he submitted at the toy company's Ideas website which might win for a toy production approval of his build idea via most number of votes, and now that idea will become a reality as the company officially announced plans of a LEGO Voltron for mass-production.


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