Transformers News: Transformers Unite Warriors Baldigus Official Images

TakaraTomy has done it again this time: they just released the official images of the upcoming Unite Warriors version of Baldigus, known to the West as Ruination that appeared in 2000 Transformers series, Transformers Car Robots (in Japan) and as Transformers Robots in Disguise (RID) the following year (aired in the US), and he will be released as a TakaraTomy Mall exclusive set.

Transformers News: Transformers Masterpiece Megatron 2.0 Additional Information

A follow-up info from my previous post regarding the upcoming Transformers Masterpiece Megatron ver. 2.0 and thanks to user Deruji over at TFW2005, we now have a clearer images and info, translated in English.

Transformers News: Transformers Masterpiece Megatron 2.0 Revealed

Yes, its official: we are getting a new version of Masterpiece Megatron and judging from the pics, the figure is absolutely stunning.

Transformers News: Transformers Combiner Wars Liokaiser Official Images

Hasbro is finally bringing the original Japanese Generation 1 combiner Liokaiser as a toy in their Combiner Wars line which was unveiled at the recent San Diego Comic Con.

Gundam News: Metal Robot Damashii x Ka signature Ex-S Gundam Official Images

Bandai released the official images of Extraordinary-Superior Gundam, or simply Ex-S Gundam that will be released in the Metal Robot Damashii x Ka signature line this coming November as part of the Ka signature series' 5th anniversary.

Super Robot News: Soul of Chogokin Golion Official Images - UPDATED

UPDATE 1: Hi-res images are now posted, replacing the previous ones posted hours ago. Again, thanks to TAG Hobby.

UPDATE 2: Bandai officially opened a special page for Golion in their Tamashii Nations website. Also, new info (including the official price of the figure) and images were added including details of the individual lions in full armament.

Bandai really pulled out the big guns this time as they will release Golion, known to the English speaking countries as Voltron, in their Soul of Chogokin line designated as GX-71, which was first teased and it will be officially unveiled at this year's San Diego Comic Con.

First Look At Mega Man Animated Series

Thanks to Capcom-Unity, we now have new info on the upcoming Mega Man animated series that will premiere in 2017, in celebration of the Blue Bomber's 30th birthday.

Gundam News: Master Grade Hyaku Shiki Kai Official Images

Bandai is releasing another Hyaku Shiki variant in the Master Grade [MG] line, this time its the prototype Hyaku Shiki Kai that will be released as a Bandai Hobby Online Shop exclusive.


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