Gundam News: Seraphim Gundam Madness

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Seraphim Gundam
After 14 episodes of Gundam 00's Second season, Seravii Gundam's 3rd and ultimate secret is finally revealed; a 2nd hidden transformable Gundam located in Seravii's backpack dubbed "Seraphim" Gundam.

RD Seravii Seraphim Gundams
Immediately after that episode aired, Bandai wasted no time in promoting the Seraphim Gundam into their Gundam toy lines Robot Damashii (shown), HCM Pro, and Gunpla HG (High Grade). Check out the image gallery of the upcoming figures of Seraphim as well as the Seravii Gundams by clicking on the toy image. The RD Seravii/Seraphim Gundam is priced at 4,987 Yen while the HCM Pro version is priced 4,200 Yen; both slated for this month's release. The HG 1/144 Seraphim Gundam is transformable and can docked/compatible to the recently released HG Seravii Gundam. It is priced at 1,050 Yen and slated for February released. Images of RD Seravii is courtesy of Tamashii web, HCM Pro images courtesy of Bandai Hobby Site and HG Seraphim image courtesy of Hobby Net.

Thanks also to Ngee Khiong for the news and of ToysDaily for the episode footage image.

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