Transformer News: RoTF LC Optimus Prime New Toy Mold

Posted on 12:23 AM by Heer0san

Just checked out in Ngee Khiong's Blog site about this news was originally posted in about the upcoming TF: Revenge of the Fallen LC (Leader Class) Optimus Prime figure. Unlike the previous LC Prime, this version is a new mold and almost close to the movie version. It also has a new gimmick called "Mech Alive". I don't know what that means but this version of movie Prime totally rocks. Click on the image to view the large image.

Image comes from 4Chan. Here's the bio info of Prime in the rear box:

"With the destruction of MEGATRON, OPTIMUS PRIME thought he was finally, after millions of years, at peace. Little did he know that the escape of STARSCREAM would draw dozens of new DECEPTICONS to Earth. The desire that burns brightest in his Spark is that the war will soon end. He is determined to see that end come, and so he works with his human comrades and the other AUTOBOTS to hunt the DECEPTICONS that have come to Earth, and destroy them, one by one."

Credts to Omega Charge and Peaugh. Thanks also to Super Megatron for the heads-up.

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