Local Sightings News: New Toy Stocks (Feb 26, 2009)

Posted on 1:55 AM by Heer0san

Just window shopping on the latest toy sightings in Toy Kingdom, Greattoys.net and Wasabi Toys.
Gunpla kit stocksFirst on the list are new stocks of Gundam kits in Toy Kingdom in SM Megamall branch most especially the 1:100 00 Raiser kits has finally hit the local toy shops. Also on the new stock list are the Robot Damashii O Raiser and 00 Raiser Trans-Am set. Also new in their list is the MG Sinanju, 1:100 O Raiser and 1:100 Gundam Exia Rollout colors.

Transformers Encore for sale 50% offThe Transformers section is still filled with overstock TF Animated Toys (Deluxe and Voyager class), TFU toys is not left behind with overstocks of Deluxe figures. TF Encore and the Transcanning Bumblebee is still on sale at 50% off. Leader Class TFA Shadow Megatron is the only stocks left priced at 50% off.

Transformers Henkei CyclonusMoving on to Greenhills, Greatoys.net has some stocks of TF Henkei Hound and Cyclonus, also sighted there is the rare DVD box set of Tosho Daimos (earlier report).

1:100 Cherudim Gundam kitAnd finally in Wasabi Toys sighted a 1:100 Cherudim Gundam kit which is only stock in that shop.

Check out the galleries of the toys that I sighted by clicking HERE


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