Super Robot News: Limited Edition Repli Gaigar

Posted on 12:32 AM by Heer0san

Rizuan of Robot Japan forums has posted CM's latest Brave Gokin release of a limited edition Repli Gaigar appeared in Episode 2 of King of Brave Gaogaigar FINAL OVA.

The Repli Gaigar is compatible in combining with the Gao Machines of the CM's previously released Brave Gokin Star Gaogaigar set and unlike the the previous Gaigar figures, the Repli Gaigar has metal kness.

The Repli Gaigar is priced at 10,290 Yen and it is only limited to 300 pieces. The figure will be released in February 27. Check out the product details of this figure by going to the official CM's website HERE.

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