Evangelion News: Upcoming Revoltech Evangelion figures

Posted on 1:38 AM by Heer0san

Thanks to CyberGundam for the heads-up.

He posted in his blog of the upcoming Neo Revoltech Evangelion figures which is based on the upcoming 2nd movie: You Are [Not] Advance. Check out images of Evangelion units 01 and 02 and the movie exclusive Evangelion unit 05 (which is different with the mass produced versions in the 1997 movies Death and Rebirth and End of Evangelion) by clicking on the image to view these figures.

Personally, I didn't like the Unit 02's head (shown above) design specifically with the horns, but its weapons such as the new Progressive Knives, is so cool.

The figures are slated for mid-June release and priced at 2,400 Yen each.


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