Super Robot News: Upcoming Brave Gokin Super Robot figures

Posted on 9:33 AM by Heer0san

CMs Brave Gokin Neo Getter 1 prototype

CMs is now been busy than ever. Competing with Bandai's continuous releases of the Soul of Chogokin line, CMs unleashed their full force with upcoming Super Robot figures under their Brave Gokin line.

Check out the images of their future releases of Neo Getter Robo, Dancougar Nova (after a year of hiatus, the figure will be released, finally), Balatak, Gaiking the Great, Gordian (Gardian as well known in the Godaikin line produced by Bandai 2 decades ago) and Dagwon by clicking on the links.

Images courtesy of Hobby Stock and Toysdaily. Thanks also to Gold of for the massive news update.


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