Transformers News: Images of TF Device Label products

Posted on 12:27 AM by Heer0san

Forgot to post this news which was posted a few days ago... has posted images of upcoming Transformers figures which transforms into actual working devices for your PC or laptop. This line is called Transformers Device Label. Check out images of Broadcast (Blaster) transforms into a mini laptop with a workable USB port hub which also can fit a G1 Cassette figure on his chest similar to the original Blaster G1 toy, Tigatron and Jaguar (Ravage) which transforms into a workable USB Flash drive which stores up to 2Gb of disk space, and Grimlock and Dinosaurer (Trypticon) [which originally to be Dinobot and Overkill] transforms into wired optical mouse.

Transformers Device label Broadcast aka Blaster
Click on the image to view these products.
Qosmio logo on TF Device label Blaster
I also noticed on Blaster's Laptop/USB Hub mode lid which labels "Qosmio" (above) which is a brand line of laptop models made by Toshiba. Does that mean that Toshiba is licensed on these devices?

Thanks to Eisen of Transformers Philippines and also thanks to Tim Formas of for the news.


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