Super Robot News: Hi-res images of SOC The Big-O, Combattler V ver 2.0

Posted on 1:08 PM by Heer0san

Amiami has released official images of 2 sought after SOC figures, The Big-O and Combattler V ver. 2.0.

SOC The Big-O hi-res imageThe Big-O is so far the highly anticipated SOC because of its bulky design and the added new accessories that will not be included in the original release that's because Tamashii Web will be releasing The Big-O's limited expansion set which includes new set of hands (chopped hand set), as set of arms which features the O-Thunder when the pistons are pressed; the cover of the arms split revealing the weapon, beam effect parts to imitate O-Thunder's firing attack, 2 new set of heads: skeletal and a bigger head, 4 Moby Dick anchors with 2 different heads and Roger Smith's car; the Gryphon. It will also include an additional base to accommodate the additional accessories.

SOC The Big-O on its display baseSOC The Big-O Expansion SetThe SOC Big-O will be released late this month priced at 13,440 Yen while the limited expansion set's pre-ordering started last Aug. 11 and it will end to be announced later. It will be released this December and priced at 6,300 Yen

SOC GX-50 Combattler V ver. 2.0 hi-res imageThe SOC Combattler V is no re-released version of the first version, in fact the figure is an improvement of the original version and added new/improved accessories in this set.

The SOC Combattler V ver. 2.0 will be released in December and priced 18,690, a perfect Christmas present for die-hard Super Robot fans.

Check out all of the images of the SOC The Big-O, its Expansion set, and Combattler V by clicking HERE.

News and images of The Big-O Expansion set courtesy of Gigazine. Thanks to Ngee Khiong for the news.


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