Transformers News: Box Images of Fansproject Crossfire Kits

Posted on 8:55 PM by Heer0san

Fansproject Crossfire Bruticus Maximus upgrade kit SET A ExplorerFansproject Crossfire Bruticus Maximus upgrade kit SET B Munitioner

TFW2005 Member Deefuzz has posted box images of the upcoming Fansproject Crossfire sets composed of Set A Explorer and Set B Munitioner.

For those are curious what these kits are, these are upgrade kits for Energon/TF Universe Bruticus Maximus figure. Set A Explorer contains first half of the Bruticus upgrade kit includes a new Blast-Off figure while Set B Munitioner contains the other half of the kit and a new Swindle figure. The new set of figures Fansproject made will replace the existing 2 figures in the Bruticus Maximus set and turn it into the Classics G1 version of Bruticus that we all know. Check out the images the set in separate and combined within Bruticus Maximus by clicking on the Fansproject website.

Bruticus Maximus with Fansproject Crossfire kits combined

Thanks to TFW2005 for the news.


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