Super Sentai News: Official image of Super Robot Chogokin Shinken-Oh

Posted on 5:42 AM by Robot Pilipinas

Super Robot Chogokin Shinken-Oh image

Tamashii Web has posted a listing and official image of Shinken-Oh from 2009 Super Sentai Series, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger and the first of the few Super Sentai mecha to be released on the Super Robot Chogokin line.

Made of diecast metal and plastic, though it lack the separation into 5 Origami animals, it has lot of articulation in the figure compared to the DX release. The Super Robot Chogokin Shinken-Oh is priced at 5.040 Yen and slated for February 2011 release.

To know more about the figure, click on Tamashii Web's Shinken-Oh listing page.


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