Super Sentai News: First Look of Joint Gattai Engine-Oh and Gaoking

Posted on 6:59 AM by Robot Pilipinas

Joint Gattai Engine-Oh image

CyberGundam has posted images a week ago in his Gokaiger toy news post of a new toy line for Super Sentai mecha series.

Joint Gattai Gaoking image

Its called Joint Gattai (lit. Joint Combination) series. Here are the first figures under the new line are the Engine-Oh from the series Engine Sentai Go-Onger and Gaoking from Hyajuku Sentai Gaoranger. Based on the images, the figures can be separated into individual pieces similar to the DX and MiniPla versions, however like the DX version, there's little or no articulation on the figures. I also noticed that there are ports and holes on the figures, could it be this line is similar to Minicon Powerlink from Transformers Armada; attaching parts to other Joint Gattai Super Sentai mecha figures that can create multiple combinations. Only time will tell before we know the actual gimmick of this line.

The Joint Gattai Engine-Oh and Gaoking is priced at 3,150 Yen each (inclusive of tax). Both slated for February 2011 release.

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