Transformers News: Images of E-Hobby Transformers United Exclusive Figures

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E-Hobby Exclusive TF United Decepticon setE-Hobby Exclusive TF United Decepticon set

E-Hobby has posted images of the 1st few toy exclusives to be released on the upcoming Transformers United line.

There are 6 exclusive figures to be released and they are divided by 3 figures per faction set. The exclusive Autobot set will include a blue "Matrix glow" crystal version of Rodimus, Kup with scratch markings and an exclusive Scrap Heap Junkion figure which is a retooled version of the upcoming TFU Wreck-Gar (the head is hidden, it will be revealed later on).

The Decepticon set includes crystal versions of Galvatron, Cyclonus and the upcoming Scourge figures.

E-Hobby TF United RodimusE-Hobby TF United Rodimus vehicleE-Hobby TF United KupE-Hobby TF United Kup vehicleE-Hobby TF United Scrap HeapE-Hobby TF United Scrap Heap vehicleE-Hobby TF United GalvatronE-Hobby TF United Galvatron vehicleE-Hobby TF United CyclonusE-Hobby TF United Cyclonus vehicleE-Hobby TF United ScourgeE-Hobby TF United Scourge vehicle
E-Hobby TF United Autobot and Decepticon set packaging

Check out these awesome images of these figures in their bot and vehicle modes respectively. (UPDATE: included the image packaging of these exclusive sets courtesy of Cybergundam.)

The Exclusive Autobot set and the Decepticon set is priced at 7,875 Yen per Set. Pre-order of these sets at the E-Hobby website and will start on Jan 11, 2011. Official release is on February.

Thanks to Ricochet of TFW2005 for the news.

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