Transformers News: Masterpiece Rodimus Prime Video Presentation

Posted on 2:24 AM by Robot Pilipinas

Transformers Masterpiece Rodimus Prime figure official image

Amazon Japan has uploaded a video on their website a presentation for the upcoming Transformers Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy (aka Rodimus Prime) figure.

In the video, it showcases the MP Rodimus' 4 modes: Hot Rodimus form [Hot Rod]; both robot and vehicle modes and Rodimus Convoy also in its robot and vehicle modes. Aside from that it also shows how its trailer transforms into a mobile defense base and we also get to see another gimmick of the figure: it includes a Matrix of leadership that is hidden in Rodimus lower chest.

To watch the whole video presentation, click HERE.

The MP Rodimus Prime is slated for January 2011 release and its priced at 14,818 Yen. Check out the product listing at the e-Hobby website.

Thanks to fenrir72 over at Greattoys.Net for the video link.

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