Transformers News: Transformers Generations Thundercracker and Wheeljack To Be Released

Posted on 6:07 PM by Robot Pilipinas

TF Generations Wave 7 includes Thundercracker and Wheeljack

Much of the rumored speculation that a Thundercracker figure will be released in the Transformers Generations line is finally official. Entertainment Earth has an image of Generations Thundercracker along with upcoming Generations Wheeljack; a retooled version of Turbo Tracks is slated to be released under Wave 7 of the said toy line.

Thundercracker has been elusive since the release of exclusive BotCon figure and then again as an exclusive in Japan as part of the Henkei line along with Skywarp. Now its finally releasing on the retail market. The question remains why now? Fans already eager to complete the Decepticon Seekers, hopefully Hasbro would reissue Skywarp as well as a normal toy release not another exclusive release.

Wheeljack on the other hand is much awaited since they haven't released a toy since the Classics line started years ago, and its finally confirmed which was first officially announced in Japan under the United line and now he will be released in the US retail. This is pretty exciting news for Transformers Fans.

Aside from Thundercracker and Wheeljack; Scourge and Sergeant Kup are also included in the Wave. Thanks to Bass X0 and Quixote_Prime of for the heads-up.

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