Gundam News: Gundam STANDart Wave 9 Official Images

Posted on 5:04 AM by Robot Pilipinas

Gundam STANDart wave 9 box cover

Thanks to guNjap for the heads-up, check out these official images of the upcoming wave 9 of Gundam STANDart candy toy line.

Gundam STANDart Unicorn Gundam Unicorn mode candy toyGundam STANDart Full Armor ZZ Gundam candy toyGundam STANDart Char Z'Gok candy toyGundam STANDart Z'Gok candy toy

The latest STANDart line-up consist of 4 figures: Unicorn Gundam (Unicorn mode) from Gundam UC, Full Armor ZZ Gundam from Gundam ZZ, Mass production Z'Gok and Char's Z'Gok from the original Gundam series. All figures contain with a free candy gum. The figures were made by Volks and distributed by Bandai's Fusion Works brand. Check out also the box cover of the said wave.

The Gundam STANDart wave 9 is slated for March release and priced at 660 Yen each, hopefully the upcoming wave will head to Philippine retail markets soon.

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