Gundam Statue Destroyed by Earthquake??

Posted on 1:33 PM by Robot Pilipinas

With the recent earthquake that struck Japan, I just read Azrael's post regarding that the famous lifesize scale RX-78 Gundam Statue in Odaiba was destroyed with the legs only standing as shown in the photo above.

As I read the post, I thought I was shocked and freaked out at what happened but after I read the other source news linked in the post, which is totally not true, the Gundam statue was planned for dismantling and not from the earthquake issue. Thank goodness.

2 Response to "Gundam Statue Destroyed by Earthquake??"

Debris Says....

NO!! Is Fake..Note..

Robot Pilipinas Says....

Yeah I saw that also. It was a dismantling pic taken last 2009.

I can't believe people rumoring the destruction of the Gundam statue caused by an earthquake, its totally a hoax. Bad joke on the rumor part.


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