Super Robot News: SRC GEAR Fighter Dendoh Data Weapon Set Colored Image

Posted on 2:24 AM by Robot Pilipinas

SRC GEAR Data Weapons set colored images

CyberGundam has posted new colored pics of GEAR Data Weapons Expansion set, exclusively for Super Robot Chogokin GEAR Fighter Dendoh and Knight GEAR Ogre.

The expansion set are additional Data Weapons that are not included either in the Dendoh and Ogre sets. The set includes Bull Horn, Gatling Boar, Leo Circle, Dragon Flare, extension accessory for Bull Horn, weapon mount for Dragon Flare, additional set of hands for holding Gatling Boar, Dendoh's support fighter and mini Vega figure in motorcycle.

The GEAR Data Weapon set will be released as a limited Tamashii web exclusive. No price and date as of yet.


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