Transformers News: More DotM Nitro Bumblebee Images

Posted on 1:38 AM by Robot Pilipinas


Remember the news of the Nitro Bumblebee figure a few days ago, well Yahoo Japan Auctions has posted images of Nitro Bumblebee both in robot and vehicle modes.


The figure is an all new toy mold from which Bumblebee is much bulkier in his robot mode compared to the previous toy versions. The Mech-Tech gun is also different from the regular DotM Bumblebee toy, when attached on the front hood it looks a modified hot rod Camaro.

Thanks to ultraq of TFW2005 for the heads-up.

1 Response to "Transformers News: More DotM Nitro Bumblebee Images"

slangards Says....

This looks like something I may buy, but not until I've got nothing else on my list. It looks decent, but not enough of an improvement to differentiate it from the last movie bumblebee.


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