Other Mecha News: Soul Spec XS-16 Dragoon Official Images

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SOC Spec Dragoon Official image 00

These days, Soul Spec rarely seen a release of figures until the line became an Web exclusive release like this incoming figure that will be released as a Tamashii webshop exclusive: the Dragoon.

Check out these official images of Dragoon which is designated as XS-16. For those who are unfamiliar to this mecha, the Dragoon is a mass production version of Dragonar-1 from the series Metal Armor Dragonar.

SOC Spec Dragoon Official image 01SOC Spec Dragoon Official image 02SOC Spec Dragoon Official image 03SOC Spec Dragoon Official image 04

Pre-orders for the Soul Spec Dragoon are already online at the Bandai website which started yesterday April 25, and it will be announced later when will the pre-orders end. Official date release will be on September 25.

SOC Spec Dragoon Official banner

Thanks to guNjap for the news.

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