Transformers News: Transformers 3rd Party Custom Products Banned in Japan

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3rd Party Transformers Toy Customs Ban in Japan image

This is bad news for Japanese Transformers fans on ordering 3rd Party TF customs to Japan as Takara Tomy already ordered the Japanese retail store Red Mercury banning on selling the said products.

According to TFW2005, Takara Tomy warned the said store on selling 3rd Party Transformers products as its on grounds on copyright and trademark violation. Among the products was cancelled by Red Mercury are:

iGear Kup Head set (for TF Generations and United Kup) and Bee 01 (Generation 1 Bumblebee custom)
Perfect Effect SFX Scouting Force X (TF classic Reflector custom)
TFC Primary School: Primars (shown image above)
Head Robots Blood (Bludgeon Head custom)
Crazy Devy CDMW-16 (Sea Brigade Power Parts for TF Gen1 Seacon reissue) and CDMW-17 (Combat Brigade power parts for TF Energon Bruticus Maximus)

Fortunately, the ban is only restricted to Japanese retailers as there will have no problems ordering these items in the US and other parts. Japan is highly strict on toy customs and treating as copyright infringement as many would recall the incident way back regarding 2 Japanese toy customizers were arrested on customizing a Masked Rider figure (in case, a Utopia Dopant custom figure) and selling it online. This means Japanese toy companies will be very more strict with regarding 3rd Party products.

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