Gundam News: MG Delta Plus Clear Images

Posted on 8:09 PM by Robot Pilipinas


Another MG figure to be released this year is the Master Grade Delta Plus, the Mobile Suit first appeared in Gundam Unicorn novels and OVA unveiled at Shizuoka Hobby Show 2011.

The Delta Plus is derived from the shelved Delta Gundam which later rebuilt as the Hyaku Shiki in Z Gundam TV series and movies. The Delta Plus combines the design elements of the Hyaku Shiki and the transformation elements of the Zeta Gundam capable of transforming to its Wave Rider mode. Check out the close up images and transformation detail of the MG Delta Plus.


The MG Delta Plus is slated for August release and priced at 4,900 Yen. Thanks to GA Graphic for the images.

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