Super Sentai News: DX Gojyujin Official Images

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DX Gojyujin official image 00

With the first appearance of Gokaisilver in Gokaiger in a few days from now, Toy World has posted last week official images of Gokaisilver's mecha, the Gojyujin.

The Gojyujin is a mecha that represents 3 Super Sentai elements; its Drill tank mode represents Timeranger, dinosaur mode (not shown) represents Zyuranger and the robot mode represents Abaranger. The DX Gojyujin figure will feature motorized gimmicks on both arms with spinning arm action similar to the DX Abaren-Oh which was released years prior. The right arm features two modes of its drill arm allowing for Gojyujin to use 2 different attack modes.

DX Gojyujin official image 01DX Gojyujin official image 02DX Gojyujin official image 03DX Gojyujin official image 04DX Gojyujin official image 05

Check out these hi-res images. The DX Gojyujin is slated for July release and priced at 6,800 Yen.

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