Super Sentai News: DX Engine Machalcon Revealed

Posted on 2:07 AM by Robot Pilipinas

Gokaiger DX Machalcon catalog image

This image was posted in Facebook hours ago of the upcoming DX machine toy for Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger line.

Its called Engine Machalcon and it represents another greater power for Gokaiger to use from Go-Onger. The Machalcon is based on Go-Onger's Engine Speedor crossbred design with a F1 racecar. The gimmick of the Machalcon is that it can combine with Gokai-Oh to form Go-On Gokai-Oh, a similar fashion to Gao Gokai-Oh.

But the feature of the toy doesn't stop there, as rumors regarding the combination of Gokai-Oh and Gokaisilver's Gojyujin are confirmed, Machalcon helps combine them to form Kanzen Gokai-Oh.

The Engine Machalcon will include 2 Engine Souls, similar fashion to Go-Onger's Engine souls which can be inserted on both slots in the machine and a Go-On Gold Ranger key. Its slated for October release.

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