Other Mecha News: Soul SPEC Dragonar-1 Custom Official Images

Posted on 3:56 AM by Robot Pilipinas

Soul SPEC Dragonar-1 Custom official image 00

Thanks to guNjap for the heads up. Bandai is releasing another Dragonar figure in the Soul SPEC line designated as XS-17.

Dragonar-1 Custom official image 01Dragonar-1 Custom official image 02
Dragonar-1 Custom official image 03Dragonar-1 Custom official image 04Dragonar-1 Custom official image 05

The figure is the Dragonar-1 Custom and its different from early released Dragonar-1 figures. The Dragonar-1 is based on the upgraded Dragonar-1 mecha seen in the anime. The Soul SPEC DRagonar-1 custom comes with additional set of hands, Hand rail cannon, laser sword hilts (normal x4 and combined forms x2) laser sword blades, shield, throwing bomb, missile pods x2, additional pari of V-fin antennas, and a beautiful catapult base. I wonder if the armor is still removable like the previous Dragonar-1 releases.

Dragonar-1 Custom official image 06

The bad news, its another Tamashii web shop exclusive and the pre-orders starts today, November 25 and it will be announce later when the pre-orders stop. It will be released on April next year. To pre-order the Souls SPEC Dragonar-1 Custom click on the banner image below.

Dragonar-1 Custom official banner image

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