Super Sentai News: Yuuko Asuka Passed Away At 56

Posted on 6:00 PM by Robot Pilipinas

Yuuko Asuka as Farrah in Bioman 1984

Its a sad day for Bioman fans most especially for the fans in the Philippines, this morning I learned that Yuuko Asuka who played Farrah; one of the antagonist in Bioman passed away last December 2011 at the age of 56.

According to the news, former JAC member Takanori Shibahara visited his fellow JAC member Seiki Kurosaki (who played Juspion and Asuka's husband) learned of her passing. Its already been 2 months after Asuka's passing.

I first learned the news when the actress Yui Koike (who played Ahim/Gokai Pink in Gokaiger) posted in her Facebook account hours ago of her condolence wishes to Asuka's family. We at Robot Pilipinas extends also our condolences to Ms. Asuka's family.

Credits to Firestarter's Blog for the additional info.

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