Tokusatsu News: Super Hero Taisen Official Movie Poster Revealed

Posted on 3:21 PM by Robot Pilipinas

Super Hero Taisen Official movie poster image

Thanks to fellow Filipino toy collectors in Facebook, we now have the official movie poster of the upcoming Masked Rider and Super Sentai crossover anniversary movie, Super Hero Taisen.

Masked Riders Decade, OOO and the current Rider Fourze are the lead characters on the Masked Rider side while on the Super Sentai side lead characters composed of the Gokaigers and the upcoming team, the Gobusters. The crossover movie is a part of a double celebration of Super Sentai's 35th Anniversary and Masked Rider's 40th Anniversary.

This is an super epic movie that Super Sentai and Masked Rider fans should not miss. This is the 2nd crossover event between the 2 franchises, the first was when Masked Rider Decade crossed to the Shinkengers world in 2009. The movie will hit the theaters in Japan April 21st.

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