Super Sentai News: Go-Buster Beet, Stag Beetle And 0 Frog Revealed

Posted on 12:23 PM by Robot Pilipinas

Go-Buster Beet toy catalog info

After the revelation of two additional members of the Go-Busters team, BeetBuster and StagBuster, Irsyad's Way has posted new Buster Machine information for the two warriors in the latest toy catalog for the Go-Busters line.

Stag Beetle toy catalog info

First of all, the Go-Buster Beet is the first Buster Machine for BeetBuster. Like the Go-Buster Ace, it transforms from crane to rhino beetle mecha to warrior mode. The Stag Beetle is the second Buster Machine for the member StagBuster; the humanoid Buddyroid of BeetBuster in the team transforms from fighter jet to stag beetle mecha. Like the Go-Buster-Oh, combining the two Buster Machines forms the Buster Hercules. But the feature doesn't stop there, combining Stag Beetle with Go-Buster Ace forms a new armament for the Go-Buster Ace.

0 Frog and Go-Buster-Kero-Oh toy catalog info

Another Buster Machine was also revealed is the 0 Frog which includes an new Buddyroid frog which name has yet to be revealed, is a Buster Machine which transforms from an underwater craft which is not yet revealed also to a frog mecha. Its also an in-replacement for YellowBuster's Rabbit which combines Go-Buster Ace and Gorilla forms Go-Buster-Kero-Oh.

Great Go-Buster-Oh toy catalog info

Finally, its also revealed if combined, these five Buster Machines (Go-Buster-Oh and the Beet Hercules), it forms the ultimate mecha for the Go-Busters, the Great Go-Buster-Oh. I can't wait to see these in upcoming episodes of Go-Busters.

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Budget Biyahera Says....

Would love to show this to my partner and younger brother. I'm sure they will also grow an appreciation for these pieces. =)

marri Says....

This post will surely attract a bunch of fanatics but i am no fan...
but great to know about it. thanks for sharing though.


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