Super Robot News: DX SOC Mazinger Z Revealed

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In celebration of Mazinger Z's 40th Anniversary, Bandai has officially unveiled a new Mazinger Z figure as part of the new DX Soul of Chogokin line. Mazinger Z's creator, Go Nagai himself presented the figure during the presscon launch.


Standing at 12 inches, the DX SOC Mazinger Z will be much larger than the previous SOC and SRC releases. It will feature an internal detailed skeleton revealing Mazinger Z's inner workings, which is made of diecast metal and the armor plates will be made of plastic that will cover or half cover Mazinger's skeleton frame revealing Mazinger Z's classic look seen the anime series.


As a first for the SOC line or any Chogokin line, the DX SOC Mazinger Z will feature electronics lights and sounds. it will feature Mazinger Z's opening and ending theme songs originally sung by Ichiro Mizuki and the pilot Koji Kabuto's voice shouting the famous phrases and attacks which provided by Koji's seyiuu in the original TV series, Hiroya Ishimaru with sound effects emulate Mazinger Z's attacks. The lights are placed in the head and chest which emulates Mazinger's activation and breast fire attack. All these gimmicks will be controlled via wireless remote.


Aside from the detail and gimmicks, the figure will also include a hangar display base complete with crane and spotlight accessories. The base will also store Mazinger Z's armor parts on its wall and the base can be closed like a locker.

The DX SOC Mazinger is priced at a hefty 36,750 Yen price tag and it will be released this December, perfect for Christmas. For more details, check out DX SOC Mazinger Z Official page

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