Super Sentai News: New Go-Busters Toys Revealed

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Since Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters series is almost on its mid-year airing, Bandai has revealed new toys in their latest catalog for the Go-Busters line that will be released in the upcoming months.


First of all, the Go-Busters new gear, the Custom Visor is an add-on accessory for gear against Vaglass. The Custom Visor has the visor mode which uses on their special missions, but the main feature of the gear is when it attaches to the Go-Busters Morphin brace, it will transform the main Go-Busters team into their Power Up Custom modes as shown in the picture.


The 2nd on their arsenal is the Lio Blaster which is a new weapon for the main Go-Busters team, the Lio Blaster has 3 modes: attache mode which forms an attache case, the blaster mode and cockpit mode; which like the secondary Go-Busters weapon, the Dri-Blade, the Lio Blaster can transform into a driver for the new Buster Machine which I will tell later. The Lio Blaster has another feature: like Ichigan Blaster Special Buster mode, when attached with the Sougan blade it forms the Lio Blaster Special Buster mode which has more firepower to the Lio Blaster.


Now for the mecha, the Go-Busters will receive a new Buster machine called Tategami Lio (shown on the cover image) which similar to the Go-Buster Ace and Go-Buster Beet, its a central core mecha for Red buster to use. It has 3 modes: Motorcycle, Lion mode and the Robot mode. Like the Go-Buster Beet, the Tategami Lio doesn't need a Buddyroid to act as a driver, instead the Lio Blaster in Cockpit mode serves as the main driver to operate it. The Tategami Lio can be combined with Blue and Yellow Buster's Gorilla and Rabbit to form Go-Buster Lio. There's also the ultimate combination with Tategami Lio as the central core, combining Go-Buster Lio with Go-Buster Beet and Stag Beetle forms Go-Buster King (shown above).

The DX Tategami Lio, DX Custom Visor, and the DX Lio Blaster will all be released this coming October.

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fyhmd Says....

Did this robot toy come before the tv series? Was the tv series created to sell the toy?


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