Transformers News: MP Soundwave 5 Cassette Pack and Acidstorm Official Images

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 photo 311420-Transformers-Masterpiece-Soundwave-robot01_rs_1362430157_zpsbb5fdfc9.jpg

This news just came in and US Transformers fans will appreciate this just because Hasbro has confirmed that the release of Masterpiece Soundwave to the US shores. Not only that Soundwave will also be released but all of his 5 cassettes will be included as well including the upcoming another seeker repaint, Acidstorm.

 photo A43480610-Transformers-Masterpiece-Soundwave-ALL_rs_1362430157_zpsa10ec6bf.jpg photo 311420-Transformers-Masterpiece-Soundwave-robot02_rs_1362430157_zps6331ceba.jpg photo 311420-Transformers-Masterpiece-Soundwave-player01_rs_1362430157_zpsa44adee9.jpg
 photo 311420-Transformers-Masterpiece-Frenzy_rs_1362430157_zps8705280b.jpg photo 311420-Transformers-Masterpiece-Rumble_rs_1362430157_zps728b7009.jpg photo 311420-Transformers-Masterpiece-Ravage_rs_1362430157_zps069205be.jpg
 photo 311420-Transformers-Masterpiece-Laserbeak_rs_1362430157_zpsc41a32a5.jpg photo 311420-Transformers-Masterpiece-Buzzsaw_rs_1362430157_zps63c44ceb.jpg

Hasbro broke the news that indeed Soundwave will be releasing to the US. Aside from that, he will include all of the 5 Cassettetrons that was previously available as a 2 pack in Japan (Laserbeak was included originally with Soundwave in the Japanese release). So fans will not have to worry purchasing Soundwave and its cassettes separately since they will be in one package, that's a total value. Aside from the same color or lighter, Soundwave's eyes is painted yellow rather the original red in the US release.

 photo 12HAS857-Transformers-Masterpiece-Acid-Storm-robot_rs_1362430275_zps0caa4431.jpg photo 12HAS857-Transformers-Masterpiece-Acid-Storm-vehicle_rs_1362430275_zpsa8cdbae4.jpg

Moving on with the news, Soundwave is not the only one will be releasing in the Masterpiece line, this also confirmed that Acidstorm will be releasing as well. The MP-11 Starscream mold will have a bright neon green color scheme with some camo patches on its wings. Acidstorm is 2nd US-exlcusive figure to be released in the MP line, the first one was Thundercracker in a MP-11 mold. Acidstorm will get the same accessories as Thundercracker including missiles and display base which originally came from the MP-3 Starscream. Check out all of these official images.

Though there are no dates yet when the figures will be released, but the news says both will be released this year. Thanks to TFW2005 for this exciting news.

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