Transformers News: TF Masterpiece MP-21G Bumblebee G2 Version Announced

Posted on 4:52 AM by Robot Pilipinas

Transformers Masterpiece MP-21G Bumblebee G2 version advertisement image 00

TFSource has open its pre-orders for an upcoming variant of the recently released Masterpiece Bumble aka Bumblebee (in the US), they will be releasing a Generation 2 variant codenamed MP-21G in the line.

Unlike the first release 'Bee, this version sports a Gold metallic paint and a G2 Autobot logo on its chest, oh how we wish he was Goldbug in this release. Anyway, the G2 'Bee will no longer include Spike Exo-suit figure, but he will come with a jet pack accessory, similar to the one Sideswipe used in the G1 cartoon. Aside from the jet pack, 'Bee will have not one but two facial accessory sporting 2 face expressions of Bumblebee, while the Battle mask accessory will be the default face in the set.

Pre-orders of MP-21G G2 Bumblebee are up at the TFSource website and the pre-order price will be at USD 64.95. You can pre-order now by clicking HERE.

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