Transformers News: Transformers Unite Warriors Defensor Teaser Image Unveiled

Posted on 6:37 PM by Robot Pilipinas

Transformers Unite Warriors Defensor silhouette teaser image 00

Looks like the guys at TakaraTomy will be releasing more previously released TF Combiner Wars figures in the US to the Japanese market, yesterday; TakTomy Designer, Hisashi Yuki has posted a teaser silhouette image of the upcoming TF Unite Warriors Defensor in his official Twitter account.

In the said image, it is indeed that Defensor will hit in the Land of the Rising Sun soon but with a major difference: also in the image, it is revealed that they will be releasing a Deluxe version of Groove instead of the additional member, Rook that was released Stateside. TakTomy stays true to their fans that they will giving G1 characters based on the Animation. They didn't let us down in bringing Superion and Menasor with all of its original members, it will be the same when they release Defensor with all of its original members.

The question now remains, if Hasbro will release a Deluxe Groove figure (given if the rumors are true) if not, he might be a TakaraTomy only exclusive figure, only time will tell. Last week, Yuki also teased us that they will release Devastator in the Unite Warriors as well. It hasn't confirmed who will be first released after Menasor, we'll have to stay tuned for further updates. Thanks to TFW2005 for this wonderful news.

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