Transformers News: Prepare For TITAN WARS

Posted on 6:05 AM by Robot Pilipinas

While we're all of us are busy gearing up for ToyCon Day 2, our friends from the States has made a news announcement regarding the Transformers brand: it seems the Combiner Wars hype may be far from over, but Hasbro is gearing up for another toyline and this time, they're preparing for the TITAN WARS.

We have lineart images of what it seems to be new toys for the said line which was taken from BotCon 2015, and it seems were going to break our wallets as they (Hasbro) have plans to release Fortress Maximus in the new line, which obviously it will be released in the Titan class similar to Metroplex and judging from the pics, they will have Spike and Cerebros in it which both transforms to their respective heads just like the original G1 toy.

Aside from Fort Max, it seems we're getting more Headmasters toys in the upcoming line and Brainstorm is not going to be lonely anymore as they will also release Blaster which he seems to be a Headmaster now, judging from the images. There's also a new Headmaster character in the images and based on the reports, it seems its not Astrotrain, its more like Star Saber or another Prime perhaps? We'll just have to find out later on. One thing's for sure, Hasbro is going to leave us broke with the upcoming line. For now, check out these images.

Thanks to TFW2005 for the major heads-up.

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