Transformers News: Three A (3A) Optimus Prime Figure Bamba Exclusive Official Images

Posted on 6:06 PM by Robot Pilipinas

3A Toys will release an Optimus Prime; a non-transformable premium collectible figure, to be released as a Bamba Exclusive.

Based on his design, this version of Optimus is based from the 3rd Transformers Live action film, Dark of the Moon. Standing at a towering 19 inches, the figure has 85 points of articulation, includes the figures that is also articulated as well, well detailed sculpt, paint and weathering details. The figure also features LED light gimmick on the eyes and the headlights near waist, I wish they include a sound gimmick on this figure as well since this is high premium collectible figure. It requires 9 button cell batteries to activate the lighting gimmick (batteries not included).

The set includes 2 dual wield Cyber swords and a knuckle blade accessory. As a Bamba exclusive figure, it also includes a Battle Blaster weapon. The 3A Optimus Prime premium collectible figure is priced at USD 430.00 (includes international shipping) and the shipping of the figure is on the 1st quarter of 2016. You can pre-order the figure HERE.

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