Other Robot News: PLAMAX SG-01 Machine Caliber K6821 Chamber Official Images

Posted on 3:42 AM by Robot Pilipinas

GOODSMILE COMPANY finally released the official images of 1/48 scale Machine Caliber K6821 Chamber model kit to be released in Max Factory's PLAMAX line.

Chamber is an A.I. personal combat unit of Ledo from the series Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet where his role assisting Ledo in combat and other everyday tasks while the latter is adjusting to the planet once known as Earth where they were stranded on after the accidental space jump.

Fully detailed and articulated, Chamber features a removable cockpit head and the cockpit can be opened revealing Ledo piloting him. Chamber includes a Gatling Cannon, Beam Rifle, 5-barrel missile launcher, an in-scale Ledo (in his space suit) pilot figure, waterslide decal marking sheet. It will also include a 40+ page booklet titled 'WALKAROUND CHAMBER', written by mechanical designer Makoto Ishiwata (Nitroplus) and Shinya Ogura; setting research and designer for the series.

Its slated for January 2016 release and priced at 9,980 Yen.


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