Tamashii Nation 2015: Upcoming METAL BUILD Gundam Figures

Posted on 12:13 AM by Robot Pilipinas

Following my report on the upcoming Robot Damashii Gundam figure releases showcased  at Tamashii Nation 2015, let's now move on to the METAL BUILD line and only a few upcoming toys that were on display.

As we all know the Strike Freedom Gundam is scheduled to be released this month, Bandai unveils their plans to release the wing effect parts, not just for the Strike Freedom but also the effect parts for the Destiny Gundam as well, my guess the wing effect parts might be released as exclusives, but there's no confirmation as of yet, we'll try to keep you updates on this.

Since the official announcement release of Gundam Astray Red Frame and its option set, Bandai might release more option parts for the Red Frame, one of them is the Salvage unit, built from a GOOhN amphibious mobile suit. There will be Astray variants might be released as figures as well such as the Red Frame's Powered Full Power form and the upgraded form of Gundam Astray Blue Frame. the SecondL.

We have one METAL BUILD figure that hasn't been released that was on display and its the Gundam Astraea Type F, the prototype of Gundam Exia that appeared in the manga, Mobile Suit Gundam 00P. There's no news as of yet if the Astrea Type F is slated for release on retail or an exclusive, let's watch out for further news developments as it happens.

Image Sources: AmiAmi Hobby News, Dengeki Hobby, TAG Hobby

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