Tamashii Nation 2015: Upcoming Super Robot Chogokin Figures

Posted on 2:37 PM by Robot Pilipinas

Bandai will be releasing more Super Robot figures as they were showcased at this year's Tamashii Nation. I'm a little disappointed that there were no new Soul of Chogokin (SOC) figure releases, except for the upcoming option set for the SOC Gaogaigar, but Bandai do have upcoming Super Robot figures in the Super Robot Chogokin line.

Check out these awesome line-up they're having, Bandai finally will release a SRC version of the Go Nagai's classic Kotetsu Jeeg in the line, along with an option set that includes Panzeroid and its additional weapons. Grendizer will be getting another expansion set as Bandai will be releasing the Double Spazer and Koji Kabuto's TFO set and it will be released as a Tamashii Web exclusive soon.

Bandai will release more 3G Super robots. Well, I'm not talking about the 3G support mecha from Gaogaigar, but 3 more prominent Super Robots in their own series with their names starts in letter G: God Gravion from the series Chojuushin Gravion, Godannar Twin Drive mode from the series Shinkon Gattai Godannar and the 90's anime version of Giant Robo from the OVA series, Giant Robo: The Day the Earth Stood Still.

No news as of yet when these awesome figs will be released but I wish they would release a Soul of Chogokin versions of these, they're look pretty awesome, most especially God Gravion.

Image Source: AmiAmi Hobby News

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