Gundam News: Robot Damashii Gundam Kimaris Official Images

Posted on 4:33 PM by Robot Pilipinas

Bandai recently posted the official images of Gundam Kimaris, the next mobile suit from the series, Iron-Blooded Orphans to be released in the Robot Damashii line which is due out this coming May and the official price for this figure is also announced.

Like the Gundam Barbatos before, Gundam Kimaris will feature the same piston-like joints which it gives the figure a human-like articulation, since they share the same frame structure. As recently revealed, the Kimaris finally appeared in the 2nd half of the TV series and its revealed that Gjallarhorn is currently in possession of the mobile suit and the official designated pilot is none other than Gaelio Bauduin.

The RD Gundam Kimaris comes with set of optional hands, "Gungnir" lance, Combat knife, Back pack, Slash disks, and Slash disk injection parts. It is priced at 6,480 Yen.


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