Transformers News: Transformers Masterpiece Delta Magnus Announced

Posted on 3:44 PM by Robot Pilipinas

Aside from the upcoming Transformers Legends Headmaster figures, TF Source also listed in its pre-order page of Delta Magnus that will be released in the Transformers Masterpiece line following the release of Ratchet.

Delta Magnus is obviously a repaint of the previously released Ultra Magnus, sporting homage to his Diaclone (Powered Convoy) color scheme. While we are expecting that Optimus Primal is the next Masterpiece figure to be released, bu instead, TakaraTomy will be releasing this first and we were hoping that the Boss Monkey is next in line. Delta Magnus is designated as MP-31 in the line and not a Ultra Magnus variant.

Delta Magnus is slated for August release and price listed at TF Source is at USD 189.99. Thanks again to TFW2005 for the news.

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