Super Robot News: Toynami Ultimate Voltron EX Official Images

Posted on 6:21 PM by Robot Pilipinas

Toynami just released the official images (in their Facebook page) of another Voltron figure which dubbed Ultimate Voltron EX and man, this figure is stunningly beautiful.

Standing at 16 inches in height, the upcoming figure will feature intricate detailing and the individual lions are now anatomically correct, giving the lion components full range of movement like you can pose the lions in sitting position. The combined form isn't left out either, which is also articulated like Voltron can now also be posed in kneeling position.

The figure lacks die-cast parts, however Toynami instead used plastic composites that could achieve the durability of the figure; both lion and robot modes and also allowed them to engineer the articulation and poseability at the same time. The Ultimate Voltron EX will include its Blazing sword, Spinning laser blade/shield. Though there's no confirmation if it will include the individual lions' blades or weapons in the set.

Its slated to be released this 3rd Quarter of 2016 and the SRP for this is at USD 399.99.

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