Gundam News: Robot Damashii Force Impulse Gundam Official Images

Posted on 7:41 PM by Robot Pilipinas

Bandai will be releasing Shinn Asuka's Force Impulse Gundam, the 3rd figure in the Gundam SEED Destiny series, soon to be released in the Robot Damashii line.

The Force Impulse Gundam will feature interchangeable backpack gimmick which you can interchange backpack from other Gundam SEED Destiny RD figures. Also, the Force Impulse will include optional parts that can interact with the previously released RD Freedom Gundam to recreate the scene where the Force Impulse shot down the Freedom from the Operation Angel Down episode.

The Force Impulse Gundam will include the Force Silhouette, 2 beam sabers, 2 beam saber handles, 2 "Folding Razor" Anti-armor Knives, "Excalibur" Anti-ship Laser Sword (Freedom Gundam shot down ver.), Anti-ship Laser sword joint parts to interact with the RD Freedom Gundam, shield, High-energy beam rifle and optional set of hands.

Its slated for September release and priced at 6,480 Yen.

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