Super Robot News: Dynamite Action! Mechander Robo Official Images

Posted on 3:14 AM by Robot Pilipinas

Thanks to, we have acquired official images of the upcoming Dynamite Action! Mechander Robo (aka Mekanda Robo) by EVOLUTION TOY and it will be released this December.

Unlike the Mecha Action Series [MAS] Mechander Robo DX ver. produced by the now-defunct CM's Corporation which is all-plastic, the EVOLUTION TOY version of Mechander will contain die-cast parts (shown in the image below where the metal parts are placed) so expect this is a pretty heavy figure. The joints on this figure are magne-jointed and it can be separated into four parts which can be connected to its respective vehicles, just like in the anime.

Dynamite Action! Mechander Robo comes with 3 sets of optional hands, Mechander jets (composed of Mechander Jet-1, Mechander Jet-2, Mechander Jet-3 that can be combined to form Mechander Max, and smaller versions of Mechander Jets and Mechander Max combined form which the latter can dock at Mechander Robo's back), Trycars set (composed of Trycar 1, Trycar 2, Trycar 3 which can be combined to form Trycar Max, also smaller versions of these are also included, that includes the combined form Trycar Max which can also dock at the robot's back), alternate hood for Trycar 1, pair of shields which forms the Mechander UFO Double weapon, 2 Big Tornado Jaws (Shark) missles, Tornado Jaws effect parts, Mechander Raichack, and Mechander Fencer

Dynamite Action! Mechander Robo is priced at a hefty price of 37,800 Yen.

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