Other Robot News: Soul Of Chogokin Gipsy Danger Official Images

Posted on 10:14 AM by Robot Pilipinas

Yes, you've read it right, Bandai finally acquires the license to make Pacific Rim toys and one of their products that will be released is the iconic Gipsy Danger from the first movie that will be released in the Soul of Chogokin line.

First revealed by Bandai last year, the Gipsy Danger will be the first Jaeger robot that will be released in the SOC line: it will feature die-cast parts in the figure, fully articulated and also includes a LED gimmick on the visor, chest and plasma casters on its arms. The figure will include a boat/tanker accessory which used as a weapon in bringing down a Kaiju. Other accessories includes are optional set of hands, 2 pair versions of its chain sword weapon (in both sword and whip modes), Plasma cater replacement arms, and a display base. It also includes 7 LR-41 batteries to activate its LED gimmick.

The SOC Gipsy Danger will be released February next year, priced at a hefty 27,000 Yen price tag.

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