Super Robot News: LEGO Voltron Classic Officially Coming

Posted on 2:56 AM by Robot Pilipinas

Last year, Leandro Tayag, aka len_d69 created a 16-inch articulated Classic Voltron toy made out of LEGO which he submitted at the toy company's Ideas website which might win for a toy production approval of his build idea via most number of votes, and now that idea will become a reality as the company officially announced plans of a LEGO Voltron for mass-production.

This was officially announced at the LEGO Ideas official blog that len_d69's Voltron was among of the builds submitted at the website that its up for mass production, thanks to 10,000 fans who voted his design (way to go). Though the design LEGO plans to make for mass production will be different from the original build len_69 made, the concept design of five lions that forms Voltron will still retain.

Since this is already officiated for mass production, expect a heavy price tag on this since this set will be huge when this comes out, soon. Congrats len_d69! You can read his 10K Club interview from last year HERE.

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