Toy Review: Transformers Legends LG-EX Greatshot

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We finally got hands on the much highly anticipated Greatshot toy that was released a month ago in now-defunct Transformers Legends line as a TakaraTomy Mall exclusive. Check out my toy review of this bad boy in action.

Toy Feature: Greatshot
Series: Transformers Legends
Serial number: LG-EX
Company: TakaraTomy
Size: Leader Class
Date Released: March 2018
Contents: Greatshot figure, Twin rifles, "Jack" Headmaster figure, Instruction manual with mini comic, Bio card
Other Notes: Figure is released as TakaraTomy Mall exclusive.


For those who aren't familiar with this character, Greatshot is a mysterious Autobot (Cybertron in Japanese) warrior that appeared in the Japanese Generation 1 series, Transformers Victory; way back in 1989. It was revealed that Greatshot is the warrior formerly known as Sixshot; a Decepticon (Destron in Japanese) who switched sides in The Headmaster series finale (being voiced by the same voice actor), while on his bio card states that Greatshot is a compatriot to Sixshot and Sixknight and another member of the enigmatic Six Clan, the comics that included in the package shows otherwise, which depicts his transition from former bad bot to a hero as a canon; ending the long fan-fiction theory.


Greatshot is an extensive retool of Titans Return (and Legends) Sixshot. Changes of the mold from Sixshot is highly noticeable in Greatshot, among the changes in the mold are new pair of shoulders, a new chest cover with an intricate Phoenix insignia mold detail, longer wing fins, a new helmet, and a Rhino head as opposed to Sixshot's Wolf head in beast mode. As Sixshot sports a white, green/turquoise and purple color motif, Greatshot sports a red, white and blue colors which has a heroic vibe to it.

Whilst Greatshot's original G1 toy is considered a brick with no articulation whatsoever, the Legends version has lots of articulation which you make a variety of action poses. Unfortunately, it lacks waist articulation, and like Sixshot, Greatshot has limited range of articulation on his arms due to the wings on his chest hiders it; that can be easily remedied by slight folding the wings to get the arm pose you need.

Overall, the figure is rock solid and it can stand pretty well despite there's a slight loose or wobbly on its legs when you try posing or balancing on one leg. And speaking standing on one leg, I also made a kick test on this figure and the result which it can stand on its own, balancing on one leg.

Greatshot comes with a pair of laser rifles which can be used as a weapon on all of his modes. Aside from the guns, he also comes with "Jack" headmaster figure which transforms into Greatshot's head. The figure is major retool of Sixshot's headmaster partner, Revolver from the Titans Return version, sporting a new face. While Sixshot can transform with the head attached inside his helmet, Greatshot's head cannot stay inside the helmet when transforming to his modes, because the horns on helmet blocks when storing it inside his chest, you need to remove the head in order to tuck the horns inward so it can be stored neatly inside.

Jack can be stored inside the cockpit inside Greatshot when he's in tank mode. Aside from the cockpit, Jack can also be placed on top of Rhino's head which act's as Greatshot's "brain" when he's in beast mode (more on that later), on an open cockpit on his armor car and submarine modes, and on top of his laser rifles when the latter combines into a single weapon in its submarine mode.


Like his old form Sixshot, Greatshot can transform to all of his six modes, where the other five modes are shown here as follows:






Greatshot's Submarine mode is the official mode in the Legends line, but to hardcore Transformers fans; it is a gun mode as TakaraTomy (and even Hasbro for that matter) avoiding mentioning the said mode for safety reasons. To access his "unoffical" gun mode, just simply invert its submarine mode. The gun mode can still be hand held as shown in the images that I've provided below.

As I've mentioned earlier, since Greatshot's head cannot stay in its helmet in robot mode while transforming to his other five modes because the horns on top of its helmet hinders storing inside the chest. Instead, Jack can be placed on the open top cockpit in his Armored car and submarine modes, inside a closed cockpit in tank mode and inside the winged Rhino's head in beast mode; acting as the robot's "brain".


As opposed to Sixshot's Titans Return US packaging, Greatshot's packaging is much smaller and more well presentable as with the all other Japanese Transformers packaging. Like the Legends version of Sixshot, Greatshot is packaged as a non-window box as opposed to the other Legends figure releases which shows the actual toy in box. On front package, it shows Greatshot's box art and toy images of all of his other five modes; on the back it shows the actual toy image of Greatshot in robot mode along with toy images of other modes as well. Inside the box, Greatshot is packaged partially in his jet mode and its Headmaster partner, Jack and guns were tied to the polycarbonate tray.

Being a TakaraTomy Mall exclusive release, Greatshot comes with a shipper's brown box when you pre-order the fig online. This is one of the two figures in the Legends line that were shipped with brown boxes, the other being Grand Maximus.



  • Great extensive retool of Titans Return Sixshot, much better than the latter
  • Great toy update to its old G1 incarnation
  • Using the character Jack (Chromedome's old pal in the original Headmasters cartoon) as Greatshot's head
  • Like TR / Legends Sixshot, Greatshot has excellent articulation
  • Aside from the articulation, the figure's build is rock sold, stable, and intricate mold detailing


  • No waist articulation
  • Chest wings hinders the arm articulation; which can be easily resolved
  • Cannot store the head in robot mode when transforming to its other modes due to the horns on its helmet hinders storing in the chest
  • Submarine mode sucks
  • Some on the toy's joints kinda slight loose and wobbly


Since he's a Japanese exclusive character, Greatshot is a noteworthy figure that you can add to your collection if you're totally a Transformers Victory fan. Being released as an online exclusive figure and produced in limited quantities (really that rare), hope you can shell out some dough just to get him. Since he was only released last month, you might have a chance to own one, if you're willing to pay around 90-100+ USD just to get him.

Thanks to Heron Dimabuyu of Hobby Korner for pre-ordering me this one awesome fig.

Notes: Since we're looking for the Titans Return version of Sixshot to get some toy comparison, I'll update this article once I took some shots side by side with Greatshot.

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