Transformers News: TakaraTomy Transformers Siege Official Toy Images Released

Posted on 3:24 AM by Robot Pilipinas

TakaraTomy just released their official images and listing of their version of Hasbro's Transformers War for Cybertron: Siege line which is labeled as Transformers Siege in Japan, with a brand code SG.

The upcoming toyline will be more or less no different from its Hasbro counterpart. The first toys that will grace the Japanese market are the same figures that were also revealed previously in the US. Check out the official images of Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Sideswipe, Race Car Patrol's Roadhandler and Swindler, Firedrive, Autobot Cog, and Lionizer which are the first 7 figures that will be released soon in Japan.

The first set of toys will be released February next year and prices of the figures as follows:

SG-01 Firedrive - 972 Yen
SG-02 Lionizer - 972 Yen
SG-03 Roadhandler and Swindler - 1,944 Yen
SG-04 Sideswipe - 3,780 Yen
SG-05 Autobot Cog - 3,780 Yen
SG-06 Optimus Prime - 5,940 Yen
SG-07 Ultra Magnus - 9,180 Yen

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