Super Robot News: Mazinger Z is Back!

Posted on 9:46 PM by Heer0san

The famous Super Robot Hero that sparked Robotmania in 70's is now back in the small screen.

Shin Mazinger Z is a 26 Episode Anime series which retells the Mazinger storyline created by Go Nagai. The character and mecha designs of the new series is similar to the designs of Mazinkaiser OVA way back in 2001. Check out the mecha designs.

The official website of Shin Mazinger Z is now pre-open, click on the link:

Thanks to SRW Hotnews for the images and news.

2 Response to "Super Robot News: Mazinger Z is Back!"

Pinoy Kollektor Says....

Sana ipalabas ito sa HERO or ANIMAX. I love Voltes V and Mazinger Z since the 1970s


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