Gundam News: Gundam 00's Finale... Not yet over?

Posted on 10:51 PM by Heer0san

For those who already watched Gundam 00's previous episode revealing Ribbon's mobile suit, he does something on his sleeves and indeed it has.

SRW Hot News has finally revealed images of Ribbon's secret Mobile Suit, Ribbons Gundam (or Reborns Gundam, shown below) which this Gundam is also equipped with 2 GN Drives mounted on its forearms, the same system similar to the 00 Gundam. It seems the Setsuna will definitely have a showdown with Ribbon's final trump card after all. It will appear in the final episode of the series. Check out the gallery of images by clicking on the image.

And if you think this story ends, think again, the story continues in an upcoming movie which is still in works. Below are some revelations and spoilers in the movie.

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!!! (Kindly highlight to reveal)

• No one dies
• Ribbons Cannon, Ribbons Gundam
• In the battle between 00 and Ribbons Gundam, one solar furnace is stolen
• Allelujah becomes a supersoldier [again] and exits with Ribbons Fangs after beating up
• In Exia R2 vs 0 Gundam, Exia triumphs

• Marina reads a letter, returns to Azadistan
• Kati and Patrick marry
• Homer dies in his home
• Innovado exist in/are part of a new organization
• Setsuna and company go to Juipter

Looks like we'll have to wait on this one, stay tuned for the final episode of Gundam 00 this coming Sunday.

Thanks also to 19.04 Seconds for the spoiler info.


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