Transformers News: Official Images of BotCon Exclusive Flak

Posted on 11:34 PM by Heer0san

BotCon has updated their official hompage and added images of the 4th BotCon Exclusive figure, Autobot Flak. check out the gallery of this figure by clicking on the image.

Here's a Bio description of Flak posted over at the BotCon website:

"An experienced 'alien fighter' who forged his career in the Cybertronian Revolution, Flak is a fearsome opponent. Space pirates, mutants, transorganics... Flak has fought them all, first as a security officer, then as an explorer, and finally as a shock trooper under Thunderclash's command. Off the battlefield, combat doesn't interest him; it is his job, he does it when needed and he does it well."

Thanks to of for the news.


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